Japanese sake is going beyond the limits of Japan, and is continuing to spread worldwide as “SAKE.”

At WAKAZE, where we love SAKE, we just can't get enough of every aspect of it, including the traditional side of SAKE handed down from many generations, and fascinating, microscopic world of fermentation, and the way that SAKE has become increasingly popular in recent years all over the world.

Going beyond the knowledge and experiences we have accumulated, for unexpected, surprising moments.
A more liberating scene with sake.
We bring the joy of having more choices in your life.



    An oak barrel aged sake that can be enjoyed with western dishes.


    A botanical sake that incorporates rice with natural ingredients from plants, all made in Japan.

  • FONIA tea

    A botanical sake that incorporates rice and fermented tea leaves from all over the world.


  • Sangenjaya Brewery

    In order to brew our own sake, we obtained the “Brewing license for other liquors” in July of 2018. From there, we launched the “WAKAZE Sangenjaya Brewery” in Setagaya, Tokyo.

  • Paris Brewery

    As a new challenge of WAKAZE, New in-house brewery in Paris, France “KURA GRAND PARIS” was founded. It is the largest sake brewery in Europe.


  • Whim SAKE & TAPAS

    In the streets of Sangenjaya, there appears a bar directly managed by WAKAZE, adjacent to the brewery surrounded by glass.
    While gazing at the hard efforts of the makers of sake, you can enjoy freshly brewed doburoku (home-brewed sake) or craft sake, and the pairings of various tapas beyond Japanese cuisine. Come take a look at the world of sake-making in Sangenjaya.