A botanical SAKE
using fermented tea leaves from around the world

Aiming to create a sake that brightens up dining tables all around the world, we have created a SAKE that incorporates the culture of tea which is cherished in various different ways all over the world.

FONIA tea is a botanical SAKE that goes beyond the limits of traditional Japanese sake and produces a deep, exquisite flavor and a delicate aftertaste by adding tea leaves from around the world.

By adding the bitterness of the tea leaves to the fresh acidity of the rice, this sake will bring about a slow, relaxing time to your table.

* We are using botanical components as secondary ingredients within the traditional methods of sake production, however, according to the laws of the Liquor Tax Act it is classified as “Other brewed beverages”.


Adding tea leaves during the fermentation period

The deep flavors are created from using tea leaves as a secondary ingredient.
By adding these botanical ingredients during the fermentation of the moromi (raw unfiltered sake), it creates a new fermentation process within the production of sake, which is different from liqueurs that add secondary ingredients at the very end.

FONIA Lineup

Taste Comparison Chart


A refreshing floral taste with an elegant aroma,
inspired by the Orient.

ORIENTAL was inspired by flower tea, which is one of the seven major tea categories.
The elegant floral aromas from jasmine, hibiscus, and rose intertwined with the refreshing acidity of the rice from the white koji moto preparation method, creates an exquisite, refined impression.

Alcohol percentage 13%
Method White-koiji-moto three stage preparation
Botanical ingredients Jasmine tea, orange peels, rose red petals, hibiscus, coriander seeds
Dishes to pair with Chicken thigh steak, tempura, etc.
Content 500㎖


The fruity acidity resembling the elegant and
mellow chai flavor with a touch of spicy aroma.

CHAI is made by fermenting black tea, one of the seven major tea categories, and five different spices.
By using the high-malic-acid-producing yeast, it has a fruity flavor resembling an apple cinnamon taste, and is combined with the unique aroma of five different spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom, which results in a chai-like flavor made with quality tea leaves.

Alcohol percentage 13%
Method White-koiji-moto three stage preparation
Botanical ingredients Black tea, ginger, cloves, cardamom, pink pepper, cinnamon
Dishes to pair with Tandoori chicken, financier, etc.
Content 500㎖