A new sensational SAKE
created with botanical ingredients from Japan.

Aiming to make the “ultimate drink during meals” that can be paired with dishes from all over the world, we have created a new sensational SAKE that incorporates botanical fragrances and flavors.

The name “FONIA” is derived from the Latin word “sinfonia” which means harmony.
By fermenting both the rice and botanical ingredients, this botanical SAKE has a unique fragrance and taste unlike any other Japanese sake.

The diffusing fragrance made from citruses, herbs, and spices from Japan combined with the acidity and umami of rice, elegantly spices up dishes from around the world.

* We are using botanical components as secondary ingredients within the traditional methods of sake production, however, according to the laws of the Liquor Tax Act it is classified as “Other brewed beverages”.


Adding botanical ingredients during the fermentation process of sake

The extravagant fragrance derived from botanical ingredients.
By adding these botanical ingredients during the fermentation of the moromi (raw unfiltered sake), it creates a new fermentation process within the production of sake, which is different from liqueurs that add secondary ingredients at the very end.

FONIA Lineup

Taste Comparison Chart


Airy and light, with a refreshing aroma,
like the clear, never-ending sky.

SORRA is named after the word “sky” in Japanese.
By using the white koji (rice malt) which produces citric acid, it brings out the acidity of the rice, and the fresh aroma and bitterness of the citruses such as lemon and yuzu peels combine to make a unique sweet and sour tasting sake.

Alcohol percentage 13%
Method White-koji four-stage preparation method
Botanical ingredients Sansho, yuzu, lemon
Dishes to pair with Fish carpaccio, pasta with basil sauce, etc.
Content 500㎖

SORRA Sparkling

Fresh acidity and extravagant aroma,
enveloped in a comforting, mild fizz.

Sorra Sparkling is made from SORRA, which undergoes the in-bottle secondary fermentation method for a carbonated finish. By fermenting with the help of yeast, it has a unique, comforting fizziness with fine froth.
The rosé-pink color derived from botanical ingredients elegantly brings color to celebratory scenes.

Alcohol percentage 13%
Method White-koji four stage preparation method
Botanical ingredients Sansho, yuzu, lemon
Dishes to pair with For aperitif or celebratory moments
Content 500㎖


A rich taste with herbal fragrance,
inspired from the earthy strength.

The word TERRA means “the earth” in Latin.
The rice used, which is called “Kameno-o”, is free from any fertilisers or pesticides. The aromas of ginger, sansho (Japanese pepper), and yuzu are added to the unique acidic flavor produced by the mizumoto preparation method, which dates back to the Muromachi period, and the strong umami flavor of the rice, ultimately creating a spicy, herbal flavor.

Alcohol percentage 14%
Method Kimoto one-stage preparation method
Botanical ingredients Sansho, yuzu, ginger
Dishes to pair with Ginger-fried pork, Thai gapao-rice, etc.
Content 500㎖